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Help or FAQ

Q :- What is VK Club Or VK Money ?
A :- VK Club Or VK money is a Online Earning, Learning, Watching, Training, Adverting, Business Idea, Skill Development, Marketing Platform of Promoting Business Or Product Or Service website.
Q :- What Is Sign Up and Get Bonus Income?
A :- When You sign Up Online, Then System Generate Bonus Income. Sign Up For Rs. 100/-, Bonus Income Rs. 25, Sign Up For Rs.500/-, Bonus Income Rs.50/- And Sign Up For Rs.1000/- , Bonus Income Rs.100/-
Q :- What Is Referral Income?
A :- When You Promote This System To Your Friends, Relatives Or Any Person, Then System Generate Referral Income.
Sign Up For Rs. 100/-, Referral Income (Rs.20/-, Rs.60/-, Rs.200/-)
Sign Up For Rs.500/-, Referral Income (Rs.25/-, Rs.80/-, Rs.250/-)
Sign Up For Rs.1000/- , Referral Income (Rs.30/-, Rs.100/-, Rs.300/- )
Q :- What Is Ad Clicks Income?
A :- Anybody Can Promote his Micro, Small OR Medium business On India Level as a Ad Clicks By This System Through Advertiser Registration And Our All Committed Members Clicks On This Add From Member Login Page, Then system generate Ad Clicks Income For Member. Sign Up For Rs. 100/-, Ad Clicks Income 5 To 10 Paisa, Sign Up For Rs.500/-, Ad Clicks Income 15 To 25 Paisa And Sign Up For Rs.1000/- , Ad Clicks Income 30 To 50 Paisa.
Q :- What Is Advertiser Income?
A :- When Anybody Promote Or Growth His Business Or Product Or Service By Advertiser Registration Through Our Committed Member As a Referral, Then System Generate Advertiser Income For Member. Sign Up For Rs. 100/-, Advertiser Income 10%, Sign Up For Rs.500/-, Advertiser Income 25% And Sign Up For Rs.1000/- , Advertiser Income 40%.
Q :- What Is Video Watching Income?
A :- Our System Works On a Life Fruits as a Money, Happiness, peace, Success, Abundance For All Human Beings But All These Things Depends On State Of Mind (Life Roots) Because State Of Mind Is Important Than Situation (Circumstances). To Become A Strong State Of Mind, Our system Created Different types Of Watching Videos For Our Committed Member (Video Like a Positive Attitude, Skill Development, Confidence, Business Ideas, 7 Pillars… Physically .. Mentally .. Emotionally .. Spiritually .. Economically .. Intellectually .. Socially And Many More……). When Our Member Watching Videos From Login Page Then System Generate Video Watching Income. Sign Up For Rs. 100/-, Video Watching Income 25 Paisa, Sign Up For Rs.500/-, Video Watching Income 50 Paisa And Sign Up For Rs.1000/- , Video Watching Income Rs. 1/-.
Q :- What Is Affiliate Marketing?
A :- Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. VK Club Associates With Many Branded Affiliate Marketing Companies (Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal, Ebay and many more..) And When all Our Members Sale Product Of Affiliate Marketing Companies From Member Login Page, Then System Generate Commission as Per Product.
Q :- What Is Services Income ?
A :- VK Portal Provide Many Services through Referral By members then our System Generate Services Income For That Members. Our VK Portal Many Services Provide such as insurance, government, tourism, banking, retail, education, social services, distribution, sale of goods from producer to a consumer, pest control or entertainment, Information Technology, Trade , Education, Financial services , Media, Hospitality, accommodation and food services , Entertainment, culture and recreation, Transportation and warehousing, Storage , Communication, Healthcare, Public utilities, Real estate and leasing, Public administration and defence, Business support services, Professional, scientific and technical services.
Q :- What Is Product Purchase Income?
A :- On VK Portal Any Member Can Online Purchase Or Sell Number Of Product Of Different Category Through Referral Link, Then As Per Product System Generate Product Purchase Income For That Member.
Q :- What is Blog Income?
A :- Any Member Can share Business Ideas, Knowledge, Project, Gov. GR, through Writing Blog Or Uploading Matter , Then for selected blog system Generate Blog Income For That Member.
Q :- What Is Team Bonus Income?
A :- When Any Member Registered Direct Referral Team Of 50 Members Through Any Specific Packages Of Rs. 100/- Or Rs.500/- Or Rs.1000/- Then System Generate Team Bonus Income For That Member. Sign Up For Rs. 100/-, Team Bonus Income 1%, Sign Up For Rs.500/-, Team Bonus Income 2% And Sign Up For Rs.1000/- , Team Bonus Income 3%. Team Bonus Shared 6% Of Total Profit Of Company.
Q :- What Is Discount Card Income?
A :- When Registered Member Associated By Referral Link to all types Industries(Like Hospital, Restaurant, Shopping….) with VK Groups For Discount Card Services Then System Generated Discount Card Income For That Member.
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