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VK Group Presents

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What is Happening in Real Life In The World?
30% People Living Real Rich Life And Economical Freedom. 70% People Living Very Poor Life and Economical Problem. These 70% People are Farmer, Worker, Servicemen, Small Enterprises, Women and Youth. The Economical Strength Of Our nation (India) Is Depends On Farmer, Worker, Small Enterprises, Women’s and Youth.

What Is the Solution……???………. Of This Big Problem……………….???????
Our Organization 3 Year Research On This Problem And Solution.

1) 70% People have only One Or Two Source Of Earning Income But 30% People have Number of Source Of Earning Income.

2) 70% People Invest Their Time At The Age Of 30 Only On Educational Certificate And Degree But 30% People Invest Their Time On Business(Entrepreneur) Skill Development, Money Making Model And Secret Of Life Coaching With Educational Certificate and Degree. Educational certificate And Degree Only Helps For Promotion In Service But Skills, Money Making Model And Secret Of Life coaching Increase Confidence, Will Power, Positive Attitude.

3) The Formula Of Money Of Source In The World Is : TIME = MONEY. 70% People Work On Money Earning Model (Income Depends On Limited Time) But 30% People Work On Money Making Model (Income Depends On Unlimited Time)

4) 70% People Use Of Money As a Transaction Only But 30% People Use Of Money As a Seeds And Grown Up Like A Tree (Net worth, Asset, Liability, Risk Of Investment, Different Source Of Income And Planning For One Day To Year and Year).
For That Our Organization Designed Single Platform…. Earning, Learning, Business Ideas And Skill Development Website.

Our Organization Have a Solution Of This Big Problem For Farmer, Worker, Servicemen, Small Enterprises, Women and Youth. The Solution Is Be A part Of


Our Organization Has Designed One Platform For This Solution. On This Single platform We Make Manufacturer, Seller, Buyer And Profit Sharing With Each Other.

Business Opportunity

Joining Option:- Any One Select From Three Packages:-Package 100/- Or Package 500/- or Package 1000/- Money Making Package Profit
100/- 500/- 1000/- or 1200/-
1 Product Discount Card Discount Card Discount Card
Free Website Free Website Free Website
Product worth 100 Product worth 500 Product worth 1000/1200
Entrepreneur Development Certificate Entrepreneur Development Certificate Entrepreneur Development Certificate
Decoration of Human Life Workshop (1-Day) Decoration of Human Life Workshop (1-Day) Decoration of Human Life Workshop (1-Day)
2 Sign up & Get Bonus Rs. 25 /- Rs. 50 /- Rs. 100 /-
3 Referral Income Depend on registration
( 20, 60, 200)
Depend on registration
( 25, 80, 250)
Depend on registration
( 30, 100, 300)
4 Referral Loyalty Depend on registration
(3% per referral for 12 months)
Depend on registration
(3% per referral for 12 months)
Depend on registration
(3% per referral for 12 months)
5 Video Watching 25 paisa 50 paisa 1 Rupee
6 Adclick 5-10 paisa 15-25 paisa 30-50 paisa
7 Advertise Income 10% 25% 40%
8 Team Bonus (50 referrals from any 1 Specific package) 1% 2% 3%
9 Affiliate Marketing Income As per product As per product As per product
10 Services Income As per product As per product As per product
11 Product Purchase Income 1% 1.5% 2%
12 Blog Income As per Star As per Star As per Star
13 Discount Card Income Rs. 5/- Rs. 10/- Rs. 15/-
14 Franchise Referral Income 1% 3% 5%
15 Fixed Income on Referral Fixed Income Plan
Referral Numbers (for any specific package)
Next 100 (Product Purchasing of Rs.5500/- with Referral Team) 100/- 500/- 1000/-
Next 200 (Product Purchasing of Rs.11000/- with Referral Team) 300/- 1000/- 2000/-
Next 500 (Product Purchasing of Rs.25000/- with Referral Team) 1000/- 2000/- 5000/-
Next 1000+ (Product Purchasing of Rs.60,000/- with Referral Team) 2500/- 5000/- 10000/-

Terms & Conditions

1.Registration Product Cost :- Rs.100/- PACKAGE OR Rs.500/- PACKAGE OR Rs. 1000/- PACKAGE. (With Product) (Non Refundable)
2. Company is not responsible for any cash paid to Third party.
3. You assume the Responsibility for your Package Purchase, and No Refunds will be issue.
4. For Rs. 100/- Login Member Generated Income of Rs.500/- Automatically Upgrade For Package For 500 with Product.
5. Withdrawal Payment will be Credited within 3 working Days of Withdrawal Request.
6. Payments Released via NEFT / IMPS / PAYTM / BHIM
7. Minimum Payment Withdrawal Rs.500/-
8. Single registration per mobile number.
If someone get caught deny our rules, our team will terminate his/her Registration immediately.
9. Name / Number / Email id / Bank Account Details and Data Base correction charges : Rs.50/-
10. As per Government Rules, TDS charges as 5% and 7% as Website Development will be applicable.
11. As per Government Rules, Without PAN Card 5% More will be Deducted.
12. Products Delivery charges - Rs.100/- (Minimum).
13. Any Member Can Upgrade his / her Package to get for Incentive.
14.The accounts are not transferable. It can not be traded, being sold under any circumstances.
Every account has a personal data so trading with it is extremely prohibited.
15. Users using false information, including full name, when registering or changing their personal settings will have their account suspended.
16. Members may refer an unlimited number of direct referrals.
17. Only one account, email and IP per customers.
18. A Payment Proof Post in our forum is required, in order to be able to receive your next payment. We have a Payment Proof section in our forum, so you may share your payments proof with the other members. This rule applies for all standard members.
19. The VK Organization reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, products, schemes, business and policies, giving prior notice through our Website and it will be binding on all distributors and members of the company

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